The Law versus Reason

Playground Rules

(Photo credit: Joe Shlabotnik)

What is better? For a child to learn to follow rules, policies and regulations; or to choose the way of reason and wisdom?

Young children often lack the experience to make proper choices in their lives. Wisdom is not so much about right and wrong, but about choosing what is best in each situation. Rules and guidelines are not the only way to guide a child, though they may be appropriate at times. A child must be brought through a process of reasoning to understand and to choose what is best.

We may tell a child it is time for bed. “Why do I have to!?” he protests.

“Because I’m mommy and I said so,” might be the response. But what are we teaching by this?

Take A Stand Agains Bullying

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We are teaching our child the primary reason for going to bed is because one claiming to have authority is requiring it. In the child’s simple world he concludes the reason he has to go to bed is because authority has made the demand. He does not interpret and revise it. He does not say, “Oh, I know what mommy really meant; she meant I’m tired and need to rest.”

So as the child grows up, he gets bigger, stronger, better at arguing, and continues to seek the loophole. How can he equal or surpass the authority which is claimed by the parent, and so get the freedom to stay up longer? He continues to complain–and the parent, seeking to placate him, says, “When you are older you will get to stay up later.”

Now the child forms further concepts, namely, that being older and bigger will result in more freedom, so he yearns to ‘get bigger’ so he can have his own way. There is another name for a child who believes that larger size confers more freedom and opportunity: bully.

Instead, we should learn to reason with our children, employing logic, and cause and effect.

Everything in your life is a reflection of a c...

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An alternative to, “It’s time for bed,” might be:

“Son, how are you feeling right now? Your eyes are red, and slightly closed. Do your eyes hurt a little bit? Is there any ache in your forehead? Did you play and study and work hard today? How long has it been since you woke up this morning? You look exhausted to me.”

You see, first of all, we can call attention to our child’s physical sensations. This is the first part of good training; asking the child to engage in self-awareness and to assess his condition. It might be followed with this question:

It's Come To This

It’s Come To This (Photo credit: Dead Air)

“Son, remember how I ask you this each evening? It is because I am teaching you to be aware of how tired you are. When a person becomes exhausted, he is more likely to be frustrated, discouraged, fussy and to make poor decisions. He may be less coordinated, he may trip and fall more readily, and just getting ready for bed seems like too much to do.” This might be followed by the next set of comments along these lines:

“I’m confident that you understand what I’m saying and that you desire to be clear-headed and reasonable. So I am asking you to make a wise choice right now to get ready for bed, because this is the wise thing to do.” Now, perhaps the child will refuse, but more often than not, he understands the wisdom and will be far more compliant than we may expect.

The above represents training. And it takes TIME. But the results will last him for a lifetime. He will grow up rational and reasonable…and will never go through the ‘terrible teens’.

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Now Hear This

I was recently approached by a long-time family friend, and former nurse, who mentioned a recent conversation with a friend of hers who teaches at a preschool. It seems that her observation of the children today is they are not only in a constant state of hyperactivity, but their attention spans are anemic at best.

From left to right: Swiper (in background), Do...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One hypothesis which was posited was that of the cartoons and games that children play, and the fast-paced story line, jumping from scene to scene, and multi-level challenges, there to stimulate the child every 2-3 seconds or so. She surmised that this bombardment of scene changes and shifting foci might be teaching children to maintain a short attention span. I think she has a valid point.

On the other hand, perhaps it is only the tip of the iceberg. My observation has been that children learn what they live, and jumpy action-filled plots and challenges may contribute, but have you ever noticed the enormous amount of time a child will spend playing such games or watching TV? In fact, children these days have awesome attention spans. But they are developed at a great price, and I think they are of questionable benefit.

Baby Einsteins

Baby Einsteins (Photo credit: Harpersbizarre)

The same parents who are frustrated because their children are unresponsive to them may be the same ones who sat baby in front of a TV from early infancy. Sadly, many parents have relied heavily upon this cost-effective nanny. She produces an endless stream of stimulating images and entertaining sounds. She can be found in nearly every room, in the doctor’s office, and in the mini-van. She costs little, is fed only an occasional DVD, never complains, and is tireless in her comedic role.

Never too early to start texting.

Never too early to start texting. (Photo credit: Tammy McGary)

Better yet, not only does she stimulate the child in that oddly successful way, so much so that the child stays out of mama’s hair for hours, she is also a hypnotist, and does so effortlessly all day long. There are four electro-magnetic wave sets common to the human brain, relating to various states. They are the alpha, beta, theta, and delta spectrums.

When a child is in a Beta brainwave state, he is logical, lucid, and rational. Such a state is induced, for instance, when a child is reading a book. In such a state, he is responsive, and involved.

But set a child in from of a TV for just a few minutes, and you will find his brainwave state switches quickly to Alpha. In this state, there tends to be a mental dullness, there is little-to-no active, rational thought, the child approximates a meditative state, and he is likely to become highly suggestible. What might appear to be a responsive, engaged child with a good attention span may be instead a child under hypnosis, greatly receptive to suggestion, and programmable in the extreme.

Let the child live this way for years, let him become addicted to INDUCED HYPNOSIS, and LO, we have an ALPHA junkie, desperate for a fix and absolutely detached from irritating parental intrusions into his alternate reality.

TV time

TV time (Photo credit: ıusnɾ@w|©kedf|lm)

Enough of the TV, dads and moms, enough of the endless gaming, and enough of the excuses the children learn so much when they watch Animal Planet. Enough of shifting responsibility to the TV Nanny, and enough of getting the children out of your hair.


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Children Under Arrest

hpqscan0089Children are born with an innate desire to contribute, to serve, and to play a role in the world around them. Different personalities express this desire uniquely, but it is always there.

Parents often do not realize that a helpless baby the day before has today developed substantially, and is ready to tackle larger challenges. Inadvertently, we may choose actions and habits which effectively inhibit the child’s development as a giver and sharer of his energy and resource to better the condition of the world in which he lives.

It is fine to talk baby-talk to an infant as a way of expressing our love and affection. In this case, the words, silly or not, serve as a framework which is adorned with kind and gentle tones of recognition and appreciation.

It is fine to attend to a baby’s needs, more than honorable in fact, and keeping baby changed, fresh, clean, well-fed, and well-cuddled is an essential part of establishing a context of security. Little babies shouldn’t have to cry and beg and contrive a plan for receiving the nurture they need.

It is fine, and most preferable, to rush to the aid of your infant when he tumbles head-long from his car-seat, or is startled by a loud noise. He needs reassurance and comfort as he determines what is life-threatening, and what is survivable.hpqscan0115

It is just fine, and perfectly normal to rock baby to sleep, to cuddle him, to carry him all about, and to bond deeply with him, holding him close to your heart. It is good to connect on the level of the soul, and for baby to know he is precious, priceless, and lovely.

But there is a time for these outward actions, and it is short. While the principles behind these activities remain in force, the way in which we express and live the principles must change. We shall continue always to be loving, affectionate and kind. We shall continue always to listen, nurture and care for our children. We shall continue always to protect them and reassure them in life’s events. We shall continue always to bond, to establish profound relationships and to create a gracious, loving context of full acceptance.

hpqscan0419But we must choose to change our expression of these principles according to the stages of development. The moment baby is capable of signaling for a drink, he should be trained to do so appropriately. The instant he is capable of expressing gratitude, he should be given appropriate guidance. Once a small child is capable of contributing to the family, he is to be led along that path.

We do not pity the 10-year old child who is mentally arrested around the age of 3, because we understand there is nothing to be done about it. He shall be accepted as he is, and loved for the amazing person he is. But we will define normal for him as normal, relative to his limitations.

hpqscan0264What is truly to be grieved over, is the phenomenon in which a 5 year-old girl, with the capacity to help, to serve, to give and to bless the world with her presence has been taught by ignorant parents and misguided beliefs to be a taker; demanding, manipulative and controlling.

When she was well-capable of asking with words, she was granted permission to cry and scream to get a drink. When developmentally she was easily able to express thanks and share in return, she was taught it was her divine right to be pampered; what was hers, belonged to her and what was others’ was rightfully hers as well. When she had the chance to discover that wealth is created through planning, expenditure of energy and investment of time, she was gifted with whatever she wished, and taught she deserved a life of abundance with no involvement on her part, but to receive and to take. When she is little, she may take a toy, but when grown, she may embezzle a fortune.

hpqscan0469Let us be aware that the same condition which we find adorable in an infant is frustrating in a 5 year-old, shocking in a teenager and grounds for outright war in an adult. Our children are expressing their growth every moment, they are growing in their capacity to contribute and bless the family and humanity by the day, but do we promote irresponsibility and entitlement by serving them, when they should be serving others? Are we paralyzing them with misguided pampering?

Some of us have fallen into the trap of believing that our love, kindness and service is the way to train a child to be lovely, and that giving only, and not receiving from them is a high art. The fact is, children are already lovely, and will live out a life of service and goodness to others if we but recognize the process and support it with appropriate training. Be kind, yes, and be giving, of course; but train your children to be kind and to give back, every bit as much.

It’s more blessed to give than receive; shouldn’t we guide children to give for others’ sake and their own?

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Chronic Sleep-Deprivation

Farm Girl Feeding Chickens by Julien Dupre (18...

Farm Girl Feeding Chickens by Julien Dupre (1851-1910) – IMG 7225 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Once upon a time there lived upon a cute little farm a little girl, her daddy, and mommy. When it grew dark around seven o’clock in the evening, everyone was already prepared for the night. Supper was complete, the dishes done, pajamas were on, and perhaps a single candle shone upon the kitchen table. In the winter time, it was unnecessary, due to the fire which flickered in the hearth, giving muted light and warmth.


Daddy and mommy spoke quietly, and mama knitted more by feel than sight. The bed-time story came straight from papa’s lips, and it was calm and dark within their little home. Soon the beautiful little girl slipped off to dreamland, then mama straightened a few things, put away her knitting, and papa banked the fire, secured the door, checked his rifle, already oiled and clean, and they snuggled up under the covers. It was 8:30PM, and all was quiet.

dream of dreamland....

 (Photo credit: onkel_wart (thomas lieser))

Eight and one-half hours later daddy arose, split a few bits of wood with the hatchet, and rekindled the fire. He borrowed a little from the fireplace, and got the cooking fire going in mama’s stove. Mama was up now, it was hard to see clearly, but a few flickering flames helped her find the way. It was 5AM. The rooster crowed. They could hear the world stirring and coming alive. They were all starting the day together.


The little girl was vaguely aware of the sounds and movement, but she slumbered on cozily for another half-hour, and by six in the morning she was up, dressed, and eating the most delicious pancakes in the universe. She was satiated with rest, and satisfied with food, and was a very happy little girl, sharing in the physical chores, and assisting her parents to the best of her ability. She carried her own weight, and then some. She slept nine or more hours every single night during her childhood, and thought it normal, because it was.


Bay Bridge at night

Bay Bridge at night (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today the story goes another way. Families eat a nine o’clock at night, perhaps. Artificial light floods their world. Nightlights, flashlights, streetlights, computer screens, TVs, clocks, cell phones, play stations, and games flash, shine, pulse, and create an endless day of light and noise.


A myriad of activities, artificial in nature, commandeer their life. Eating out at restaurants til late into the night, attending church also, and youth functions. Participating in sports, and extra-curricular activities and numerous other choices lead to the birth of living zombies, who find it normal to stay up most of the night, and sleep during the day.


Routines are a rarity, stability a foreign concept, and children eventually sleep from exhaustion, but it is often too little, too late.


It is not enough for a child to sleep seven or eight hours a night; he requires eight and one-half to nine hours each night. Furthermore, his sleep should coincide with the hours of darkness, and should take place in darkness.

forces of nature

forces of nature (Photo credit: theloushe)

The regulation of sleep patterns, bio-rhythms, and melatonin is based upon a healthy pineal gland, and this gland is connected to photo-receptors. Extinguish the light, and the pineal gland releases melatonin, and sleepiness comes, then sleep.


The introduction of an artificial world of stimulating light induces humankind to artificial and detrimental wakefulness. This leads to exhaustion in every arena, lack of mental clarity, mood swings, and mental stability. It can also lead to severe depression. And what is needed for that? A drug? Or shall we simply remove the lights, and sleep at night?


The New Baby's Room - 4

(Photo credit: Aaron Webb)

My advice, no matter how hard it may seem, is to timely remove all the artificial lights, blinking, bleeping, flashing, and glowing, and allow children the blessed opportunity to nap when they need it, and to sleep in harmony with the darkness.


In my experience, children are not naughty. However, a child can become so sleep-deprived that he becomes desperate for intervention.


The wise parent nourishes the child with rest.

Bernardo Strozzi - Sleeping Child - WGA21930

Bernardo Strozzi – Sleeping Child – WGA21930 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Chronic Toxicity

Having laid groundwork in the areas of Halide and Haline toxins, I will touch summarily upon them here. I invite you to read through the series for more information. The following lists what I believe to be common forms of toxins doing damage.

Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride Treatment (Photo credit: Clover_1)

1. Fluoride. A toxic by-product of the aluminum and fertilizer industry, which is extremely expensive to dispose of by government guidelines, and was therefore touted as helpful in dental care. It confuses the body if ingested, and is typically deposited where organic calcium normally goes, causing disease in the pineal gland, the teeth, and bones.


Pool (Photo credit: Travis S.)

2. Chlorine. Used to kill micro-organisms in water, it is introduced into the water supply as a gas, which reacts with organic matter, producing toxic by-products, and causing deterioration at the cellular level, particularly of the mucous membranes. It may be ingested, or inhaled during a shower, or around pool areas. It causes scarring of the arteries, blockages, arteriosclerosis, and general fatigue.

Fructose Junkie

Fructose Junkie (Photo credit: misternaxal)

3. High-Fructose Corn Syrup. A chemically produced sugar containing toxic elements. It is used to sweeten a huge portion of food and drink today, being very sweet, and very cheap. It causes over-stimulation of the insulin producing mechanism, exhaustion of the supply, and is addictive.

Layers - Rainbow Birthday Cake

Layers – Rainbow Birthday Cake (Photo credit: avlxyz)

4. Food Coloring. A colorful array of chemically produced toxic additives, they are not natural, but synthetic, are added in large quantities to create bright coloring in many processed foods and drinks, and have been linked to a variety of diseases including asthma and hyperactivity.

English: Crystals of the food additive monosod...

Crystals of the food additive monosodium glutamate (MSG)(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

4. Excito-Toxins. This group of ‘flavor’ enhancers are synthetic chemicals, creating the illusion of sweetness or rich flavor, not by spicing up food or drink, but by chemically exciting the parts of the brain attached to receptors for the tongue. They are triggered, stimulated, and excited to the point of dysfunction and death. Food without these artificial sweeteners and enhancers tastes increasingly bland, thereby creating addiction. Aspartame, saccharin, and mono-sodium-glutamate are a common trio.

House Of Horrors

House Of Horrors (Photo credit: BrittneyBush)

5. Household Cleaners, Fresheners, Detergents, and Soaps. This family of toxic products contains chemicals which gas out into the atmosphere, or enter through the skin. They may be inhaled unwittingly and introduced directly into the circulatory and nervous systems, or touched, causing everything from skin eruptions to asthma.

English: Anodized aluminum saute pan. Circulon...

Anodized aluminum saute pan. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

6. Heavy Metals and Pesticides. This group can be quite extensive, but I will mention only a few. Aluminum is present in many foods prepared in aluminum cookware. It also appears to stream down from certain applications for weather modification and military purposes. Aluminum is terribly debilitating to the brain, and is a common component in deodorants. Mercury, though camouflaged under a different name, is used as a preservative in a few vaccines, given especially to children, and has been linked repeatedly to autism and even severe brain damage. Pesticides are sprayed about liberally, and not only do citizens down-wind breath them in directly, people everywhere receive produce which has been bombarded with these highly dangerous chemicals. It is doubtful they are ever fully eliminated by the time the produce is eaten.

English: Mushroom toxicity icon - Poisonous

Mushroom toxicity icon – Poisonous (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

7. Metabolic Waste. This is the ‘exhaust’ or waste product resulting from our drink and food intake, as well as the metabolic waste at the cellular level, since each cell is a tiny engine of a sort. A well-hydrated person excretes these toxic wastes naturally in urine, stool, exhalation, and even through the skin. Dehydration figures hugely into the body’s inability to excrete these wastes naturally and efficiently, followed by a lack of proper oxygenation, lung function, and exercise.

Oxygenation of blood

Oxygenation of blood (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

While the listed items above are not comprehensive, they do represent the main family of toxic threats to our health, in my opinion. I left metabolic wastes for the last, since they represent a more subtle threat, and are linked to another common concern of mine; dehydration.

If a person consumes and inhales a variety of the toxins and poisons listed above, as well as producing his own toxic waste through metabolism, and additionally lives in a chronically dehydrated state, his toxicity levels rise rapidly. Simply drinking sufficient amounts of water would at least allow the body to eliminate the majority of the toxins mentioned.


Dehydration (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

But when living in a constant state of dehydration, the body cannot dump the toxins, and must store them. Some are stored in the fat and soft tissues, others in the joints and bones, and some within the organs, awaiting the blessed day when the desert will receive rain. The circulatory systems breaks down progressively, the nervous system begins to misfire, the lymphatic system dries up, going from thin, greyish liquid easily pumped about and processed by the immune system, to a thick molasses.

Where toxins build up and reside, there we find high incidence of disease and cancerous growth. Tumors of the brain, and organs, bladder and colon cancer, and bone and blood cancers, such as leukemia, are included. Disease, is Dis-Ease. It is a lack of health, and cancer is a micro-organism akin to fungus. It grows where DEATH is fostered.

1. Prevent Digestive System Cancers

Prevent Digestive System Cancers (Photo credit: TipsTimes)

Chronic dehydration leads to kidney stones, bladder stones, and constipation. And where chronic constipation is, there is a build up of toxins, diverticulitis, disgusting rubbery linings upon the large intestine and colon, and further inability both to absorb vitamins and minerals and to excrete toxins.

Irritable bowel syndrome can be cured largely through proper hydration. Once the body is stopped up long enough, the body goes to emergency measures, and allows a breakdown of the mucous membrane and tissue of the large intestine and colon, which creates temporarily the hydration needed locally. The toxins and build up exit the body violently, there is nausea and weakness, and then the body tries to repair the damage, only to be taken through a course of drugs perhaps, and immediately into another round of toxic build-up and desperate measures.

Healthy Red Tomatoes are Wet and Organic

(Photo credit:

Remember, to cure the cause, we must create HEALTH.

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Chronic Shock

English: A pH scale with annotated examples of...

Shock is a reactionary, emergency state. Shock is the result of trauma, such as physical injury, poisoning, or severe shifts in the body’s PH balance, blood sugar levels, or electrolytic balance. There are other imbalances as well, which the body may fight to adjust, taking essential components from one part to create a temporary support in another.

For example, our bodies are designed to be slightly alkaline, including the blood supply. If one’s intake of drink or food introduces high acidity, the body may find it necessary to pull the alkaline calcium from the bones in order to balance the blood’s PH levels.

Sugar intakes are a major source of systemic shock. Many do not realize sugar spikes in the blood are more damaging to the teeth than sugar-induced decay from actual contact. When blood sugar goes high, the body pulls essential minerals from the teeth in order to offset the imbalance. Did you know that?

Sugars, especially high-fructose corn syrup, and sugar from sugarcane, are shocking to the body. The pancreas can be highly stressed, and the insulin produced within the Islets of Langerhans can be depleted after repeatedly dumping insulin into the system in order to meet the emergency. Chronic over-stimulation of these special glands leads ultimately to their failure, and diabetes presents.

Alcohol is one of the most pervasive drugs, due to simple belief that it is not a drug. Drinking is widely popular, and drunkenness is a greater phenomenon than it should be.

Signs of alcohol poisoning.

Signs of alcohol poisoning. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Without detailing concerns, isn’t it enough for now to state that alcohol is poisonous to the body, and far from a healthy choice?

Food colorings are another consideration. These are actually synthetic chemicals in many cases, and are harmful to the human body. Symptoms identified commonly are hyperactivity, insomnia, asthma, skin irritation, eczema, and hives.

Yet another form of shock results from artificial sweeteners. What many do not know is they fall into the excito-toxin family. This means they are not sweet at all. The brain interprets them as sweet, you believe and perceive them to be sweet, but they are just a chemical. Similarly, mono-sodium-glutamate excites the brain, increasing perception of flavor, when in fact it is doing nothing but tricking the brain, and the cells are dying off in a frenzy.

Sweetener packets in progress

Sweetener packets(Photo credit: Bekathwia)

If our families are suffering from a roller coaster of systemic shocks, it is unreasonable to seek difficult solutions, when all the while the simple resolution is in great evidence. Removing highly processed drinks and food from our diet is a good start. Artificial things usually use artificial coloring, a lot of sugar, and other sweetening additives.

Red punch isn’t red from all the strawberry juice in it. Most of the highly colored things we eat are fake, and partly toxic. And many foods are infused with sugar in order to get people to eat more of it.

breaking up with sugar

(Photo credit: Lauren Lionheart)

Sugar is addictive. Once a child has been addicted to sugar, he can be induced to eat large quantities of almost anything, just as long as sugar is added to them.

I have seen children drinking large cups of sugary soft drinks. The parent sometimes fails to see things in proportion. The adult can drink 12 ounces of Coo-Coo Cola and barely notice it. He is consuming perhaps 1/2 ounce of sugar per 10 pounds of body weight. He is working on a good case of diabetes and doesn’t know it. But shockingly, the parent will hand the same 12 ounces to a child weighing 24 pounds, and the ratio is perhaps 2 or 3 ounces of sugar per 10 pounds of body weight. We should be watching ratios more.

Shocking the body’s systems is not wise. The body’s mechanisms for coping and adjusting are truly amazing, but the time comes when the coping is done, and the body begins to break down. If this is happening to you, don’t think ‘doctor,’ think ‘simplify.’

Creaming Soda in Mt Garnet

(Photo credit: Matthew Kenwrick)

Successfully training our children means first of all nourishing them, and reducing shocks to their physical well-being. If a child is in physical distress, he should not be expected to exhibit exemplary behavior. Indeed, he may be acting crazy in order to sound the alarm.

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Chronic Malnutrition

The term "natural" is applied to man...

The term “natural” is applied to many foods, but does not have a consistent meaning. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In our modern America, few know the source of food we eat. There is a spectrum of nutritional values in the foods we purchase, from beneficial to nearly zero. Vegetables grown and prepared locally have a greater supply of vitamins and minerals than those picked green, shipped great distances, gassed for color, chemically washed, and UV decontaminated. We should wonder what value is left once it reaches our table.

The quality of meats, poultry, eggs, and other sources of animal-type proteins vary also, based upon the feeds offered, hormones and drugs administered, and environments. Add in the processing program, aging, plumping with water, freezing, and thawing, and nutritional values have plummeted.

Project 365 Day 10: Bananas

(Photo credit: Peter aka anemoneprojectors)

Organically grown vegetables and naturally produced animal products from local sources should be our first choice. Natural foods, unprocessed, UN-irradiated, and chemically untreated should be the foods that nourish our families.

Let’s look at vegetables and fruits. Though unripe produce still has some benefit, allowed to fully ripen, the fresh, natural version is richer, and more enticing. The nutrient array is better developed, and we enjoy it more.

Fresh produce usually has an outer skin, inner pulp or vegetable material, and seeds somewhere in there. We tend to focus upon the pulp, or inner vegetable, while discarding skin and seeds. But a large portion of an apple’s benefit is found in the skin and seeds.

358-366 Apple Skin Spiral

(Photo credit: cheesy42)

There is a symbiosis in vegetables and fruits, between the outer, the inner, and the seeds. Together they form a complete package of nutrition. The skin and seeds contain ‘micro-nutrients’ which are essential to absorption of the nutrients in the pulp. Skip them, and one deprives himself.

Heat indiscriminately applied destroys many nutrients found in fresh, organic produce. It is best to eat fruits and vegetables raw. Better yet, juice raw produce to create delectable smoothies or tonics. 4-6 ounces of freshness later, our bodies may have received a dose of goodness exceeding our yearly vitamin intake under the old practices.

Roasted Bone Marrow

Roasted Bone Marrow (Photo credit: Renée S. Suen)

Some meats, poultry, and fish are high protein, low fat, easily digested, and readily assimilable. Others are more burdensome to the body than the energy derived from them. Stick to organically produced poultry and naturally harvested fish. Cook lightly, as necessary, and serve.

One area of neglect in today’s world is the natural consumption of the organ meats, which can be highly beneficial, as well as the bones, marrow, and cartilage. In the old days, soups were prepared using organ meats, and beef, pork, and chicken bones. The organic minerals in the bones leached into the broth, and young and old alike benefited greatly.

Egg Egg Egg Egg

(Photo credit: boughtbooks)

I am reserving a paragraph for the amazing egg alone. The nutritional value of a healthy egg is amazing. In terms of protein, fat, vitamins, and minerals, 12-15 raw or lightly cooked eggs daily can supply a grown man with vitality and strength! Many fear raw eggs, but the possibility of salmonella exists in one egg in 40,000. We do many far riskier things, like taking drugs the doctor prescribed. But ignorance is bliss.

Cholesterol, in relation to eggs, is a non-issue. Cholesterol is the Lucrative Lie. I will give a full treatment of the Cholesterol Hoax another time. For now, there is no such thing as too much cholesterol, or bad cholesterol, so forget about those concerns. I hear strong objections, but I quietly point at the statin drug industry. Doctors are good people, and merely good trainees in the pharmaceutical program. They know little else.

Eat real food. Eat fresh. Eat raw. Eat natural, organic produce and products. Prepare it yourself, sip more bone broths, eat more eggs, and juice often. This, coupled with drinking pure water is the means to good health. Drugs and medications will more likely kill you.


Juice (Photo credit: hepp)

Fast food is rarely real, fresh, raw, natural, or organic. Advertized vitamins are rarely real, fresh, raw, natural, or organic. Processed fruit, fruit strips, and fruit juices are rarely real, fresh, raw, natural, or organic. Boxed cereals are rarely real, fresh, raw, natural, or organic. TV dinners, frozen, breaded chicken strips, or fish sticks are rarely real, fresh, raw, natural, or organic. Nearly anything which we do not buy fresh, and prepare appropriately ourselves in our homes is artificial, stagnant, processed, unnatural, and synthetic.

Chicken Nuggets

Do you have a picky eater? Don’t mind malnourished, agitated children? Feed them chicken nuggets. (Photo credit: JaBB)

Fast’n’easy shouldn’t mean feeding the kids at King Burger or out of a box. There is the original Fast and Easy, and it means simple preparation of simple, good food.

‘But my kids won’t eat it!’

Give him no alternative, and your child will realign himself inside a week. The hard part comes when we adults choose between our personal health and convenient propaganda. We can easily get access to our favorite indulgences.

Simplify. Nourish. Get old-fashioned. Eat real food.

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Chronic Dehydration

Clean drinking water from rainwater harvesting...

(Photo credit: Barefoot Photographers of Tilonia)

Perhaps water, with fluoride, chlorine, and other by-products of the water recycling program, is not the slightly sweet, nearly tasteless, invigorating beverage it would otherwise be.

Regardless, with water comprising about 60% of an adult’s body weight, and a whopping 78% in babies, water is a critical component of life, and a minor drop can be life-threatening in small children, or at least compromise their health.

Water plays a huge role in the circulatory system, lymphatic system, brain, and lungs. It is part of the team for transporting nutrients to the far reaches of the human body, and for eliminating toxins, by-products, and waste. So, a dehydrated body is toxic, and a sluggish lymphatic system leads to a break-down in the body’s immune defenses.

What is NOT water? Coffee is not water. Tea is not water. Flavored water is not water. Fruit juice is not water. Milk is not water. Soft drinks are not water. Beer is not water. Wine is not water. Tequila is not water. Baby formula is not water. Kiddie punch in fancy pouches is not water.

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Water is water. While it is true the beverages listed above contain water, they usually have a diuretic value, meaning they promote the excretion of water at a rate which exceeds the water they contain. Additionally, most of them contain other elements which are not helpful. Sugar, caffeine, sugar, coloring, saccharin or other sweeteners, sugar, plant hormones, and alcohol. Did I forget to mention sugar?

The only drink of choice for newborns which supplies the majority of water young babies need is mama’s breast milk. Formulas are inferior, whether based on cow milk, or soy products. They contain a lot more protein than is suitable for baby, and a lot less of other things. There is no superior means to nourishing a baby than breastfeeding.

But when the artificial way is chosen, it sets the stage for other abnormal behaviors, especially chronic dehydration. I have met people who admit to having drunk no pure water in months, and even years.

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One of the most common maladies suffered by the chronically dehydrated is arthritis. Simply put, uric acid, left without any means of being excreted from a dehydrated body, builds to the point where toxicity threatens the person’s immediate well-being. Therefore, the body does the next best thing- it deposits the uric acid in the form of crystals where possible, particularly in the synovial fluid around the joint. Once the build-up is sufficient, joint pain is experienced, and immobility follows, perhaps with multiple rounds of cortisone injections and other drugs.

Sad to say, millions suffer from arthritis needlessly, and treat the symptoms only, followed ultimately by permanent damage to the joints. Neck, back, shoulder, finger, hip, knee, and foot pain, more often than not, are due to a dense population of sharp little crystals grinding away on the cartilage, the effect of DEHYDRATION.

Dehydration is the cause. Uric acid deposited as crystals is the effect. Pain is the symptom. And what might be the remedy? Drink water. That’s all, just drink water.

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Muitiple kidney stones(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Would you like to ramp it up a little? Then drink distilled water. Water is the most powerful solvent known to man. But most water contains minerals, and its capacity to absorb minerals into solution is limited. Distilled water is mineral-less, and able to absorb deposits with greater efficiency, and that is why it is more effective.

One client had severe arthritis presenting in her fingers. Once she began drinking distilled water, the pain and swelling were gone in ten days. Her sister, now willing to listen, had been wheel-chair bound for several years, suffering from a mysteriously debilitating form of ‘arthritis.’ Within three weeks she was out of the wheel chair.

A friend is a craftsman, but the pain in his hands was so bad he couldn’t hold his tools. In desperation, he went to the extreme length of drinking 6-8 glasses of distilled water a day. I know, this sort of wild abandon and irresponsibility is shocking. Nonetheless, he persisted, and one month later he was pain-free, and knots shrinking and gone, and he realized to his surprise that the chronic pain in his knees and ankles was gone too!

Some will tell you that distilled water will deplete your electrolytic levels and hurt you. It is what I call an “Old Doctor’s Tale.” Remember, follow the money.

Breast feed your babies, give yourself and your children pure water to drink, and enjoy a level of health and vibrancy for which others go to the doctor and pay big money, and stay sick anyway.

The answer is out there somewhere.

Right under our noses.

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Baby Colt 3

Baby Colt 3 (Photo credit: xopherlance)

A baby is usually born with amazing physical resources, the mother’s body having sacrificed her own reserves to launch baby on the best footing possible. If she eats well, limiting her intake of toxins during pregnancy, baby will probably start out strong. If mama also nourishes herself well, and breastfeeds baby for the first two years, baby’s immune system, nervous system, brain, bones, connective tissue, and muscle will develop properly.

But many mothers today are ignorant of what constitutes normal nutrition, both for themselves, and for their young ones. And breastfeeding is often considered too inconvenient. Perhaps mother’s career is calling, or she feels it’s simply an alternative to well-accepted baby formula.

Baby Formula under 24 hour video surveillance

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Mothers are often chronically dehydrated and malnourished. In addition, many are ignorant of good-old-fashioned common sense. But what we are, we pass on to our children.

Does mother believe in crash diets? Does she believe in treatment of symptoms rather than healing the cause? Does she deprive herself physically? Does she binge on fats, sugars, alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, or doctor-prescribed medications? Is she dehydrated? Overweight? Suffering from malnutrition? Then beware; she passes it to her children, en utero, and throughout childhood.

Children may appear normal, healthy, even vibrant; but this may be due to the resources with which they started; and they may be exhausted early on. A child learns what he lives. He may be deep into adulthood before he begins to question his worldview of health, and the causes behind the effects evidenced in himself, perhaps too late to pass on to his children the wisdom of the ages. Worse yet, he may choose to remain ignorant, rather than face the truth, upsetting his ‘reality.’

Peter Pan-ette

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Healthy, normal children are usually raised by healthy, normal parents. Ailing children, or children who are soon-to-be unhealthy adults are usually raised by unhealthy, ignorant parents. And throwing non-organic, synthetic vitamins around the household is a futile venture. As is drugging the family up with toxins and poisons promoted by the medical establishment.

Without going into detail, I wish to identify a few common forms of self-deprivation.

1. Chronic Dehydration. This means a loss of water, and failure to restore the shortfall.

Overweight family

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2. Chronic Malnutrition. This means starvation, and failure to remedy the lack.

3. Chronic shock. This means continual abuse of the body’s systems.

4. Chronic Toxicity. This means poisoning which is on-going.

5. Chronic Sleep-Deprivation. This means a lack of sleep as a life-style.

My next five articles will provide a brief education on the cause, the effect, and the remedy for each of these points.


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It is my experience that parents are not really empowered to train their children on a higher plane, until they have resolved the fundamentals surrounding their child’s physical state.

As the mind; so the body.


As the body; so the mind.

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Undercover Hero

A mother holds her delicate, new-born baby, and imagines him to be as helpless, through and through, as he appears outwardly. Tiny fingers balled into perpetual little fists, eyes a hazy blue, legs crossed as though ready for yoga, and skin that is fine, smooth, and soft…

Daddy rocks baby after he is fed, and sees a helpless little creature, fearing nothing because he knows not how violent the world is. Baby sleeps peacefully, sucking the ball of his thumb, with lips translucent. He is the very picture of dependency, a newcomer to life’s scene, unaware, and in need of nurture and protection.

Let’s not be fooled by the body housing him. It may be limited, but it is the only boundary he really has to deal with, because otherwise he is:

Transcendent Spirit with eternal purpose and limitless potential,

Infinite Mind designed for profound understanding and creativity, and

Wise Soul expressing emotion pure and caring.

But we may ignorantly set limits for this amazing creation. We may insist upon imposing our perceived reality upon the beautiful child.

According to Torah, Jehovah created man in his own image. Man was to bear the image of his Creator and express the glory of the Divine, a most high calling.

But Adam betrayed Jehovah’s trust, and the Glory was extinguished. However, Jehovah redeemed Adam, reigniting the Light of God in him. Yet, the Glory would now be veiled to the extent mankind was ignorant of his true origin.

And so, we find the Sacred Scriptures to state, “Adam begat a son in his own likeness; after his image…” Adam passed on to Seth his own image. Seth would still bear the indelible mark of Jehovah’s character, yet it was now hidden away, until Seth chose to express it, recognizing his true heritage.

Our children must choose. They may choose to be self-absorbed, self-promoting, and fundamentally selfish. Or they may choose to be awesome expressions of the Divine Nature among men, blessing, and not cursing, nurturing, and never denying love to their brethren.

If we treat our children as foolish intruders, we teach them to be base. If we honor them for the great mission they are here to accomplish, we encourage them toward true success.

Dwell upon the flaws and shortcomings of your child, point them out, and try to fix or improve him, and the results will be average to poor. He will likely choose the way of the animal, striving to be more by dominance and force, competing, conquering, and taking possession.

See the lovely creature he is designed to be, admire him, praise him, love him, and hold him in high, respectful regard. Behold him, designed for greatness, and he will probably choose to fulfill his mission to bless mankind, humble, gentle, giving, forgiving, restoring, and supporting.

And let us remember our predictions come true, not because it was to be, but because we chose action and inaction to prove what we thought would be so. Let us be cautious in foretelling our children’s future, for if they believe us, they will certainly find evidence to support our claim.

Our lives are self-fulfilling prophecies.

Let them be excellent ones then.

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