Window of the Soul

hpqscan0085The gateway to our heart is the eye. What we choose to mind, that we gaze upon. The longer we lock eyes, the more intimate the relationship.

Stop. Look. Observe crystal beauty in others’ eyes. The eye refracts light, receiving, reflecting, and emitting energy. The eye is a conduit, a meter registering visible manifestation of our essence, allowing us to share together the light of our soul. Indispensable.hpqscan0478

Eager to connect, we instinctively gaze upon our newborn’s face, looking into baby’s eyes.

Baby delights in mama’s approach, and watches her sun set with sinking heart. But mama turns and glances back; in that instant, through the crib rails and teddy bears, baby looks her straight in the eye. Baby reciprocates naturally, pleased to gaze into ours. We anticipate that flash of realization in baby’s eyes, recognition; baby’s heart speeds, a sharp intake of breath; trying to reach out, the eyes widen slightly, the mouth is animated, and soon, the lovely word, “Mama.” 

hpqscan0253Mama, take note of the moment your child stops greeting you eye-to-eye. Stop and give consideration when you speak her name and for the first time she looks away.

What a leash is to a puppy, the eye is to your child. The Shepherd said to King David:

“…I will guide thee with mine eye.”

As Jehovah, so do.

About Stephen

I love diversity, and the opportunity to learn from everyone everywhere. My life has been one long adventure, from the jungle of Indonesia to the Amazon, and a few places in between. Multilingual and cultural, I adapt and find comfort in even the roughest spots, meeting challenges with relish.
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