Guide to Men for Women Who Can’t Tell Us Apart

Imagine that! The same way a woman trains a man successfully works for children! See if you can find the parallels.

On Thick Ice - The Spurious Imaginings of Reality

charliebrownIt is so common to overhear a woman say “why can’t I meet a nice guy?” while she is pretending I don’t exist.  I felt it was about time someone laid out some fundamental knowledge about men so women can stop making poor choices in their love life.  So here are some useful facts, not in any particular order, to help correct some misconceptions and fantasies.

A bad boy is a bad boy.  If he is good to you it is because he knows being himself won’t get him very far.  Eventually he will forget his plan momentarily and disappoint you or hurt you and it will be his first natural act of your relationship outside of the bedroom.

Muscles don’t make a man anything more than muscular.  Maybe it looks nice, but if you pay attention there are many millions of guys whose neck no longer fits in their…

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I love diversity, and the opportunity to learn from everyone everywhere. My life has been one long adventure, from the jungle of Indonesia to the Amazon, and a few places in between. Multilingual and cultural, I adapt and find comfort in even the roughest spots, meeting challenges with relish.
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