The Child’s Halide Nightmare- Sodium Fluoride

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To be skeptical of ‘well-known fact’ makes one ‘insane.’ Make a prediction many years beforehand and be a loon, make the same prognostication a few years ahead, and be controversial, and do it one year out and be a ground-breaking visionary. But once the prophecy is confirmed, everyone has already known it for years.

We are being poisoned, and we willingly poison our children in ignorance. Tragically, the very thing we do to help may have the opposite effect!

Sodium fluoride is a compound of the halogen family. A toxic by-product of the aluminum and fertilizer industry, and too costly to dispose of properly, it was promoted as a tooth-decay preventative, after which it became an ingredient in toothpastes, mouthwashes, and cavity-prevention tablets.

Tablets of sodium fluoride, used for cavity pr...

Tablets of sodium fluoride, used for cavity prevention. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

IF it was to have any beneficial effect, it was through topical application. The average adult mouth is rated at 400 ‘surfaces,’ and studies show the benefit of topical application of fluoride languishing at 1/4 of 1%, possibly the result of cleaner teeth during the study!

Fluoridated products are sold by white-coated dentists with a faint, toothy lisp, the result of owning a set of highly fluoridated and crisp teeth, so fresh and bright that one is in Nirvana while in the presence of the very handsome, confident professional.

Poisoned water

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Did I mention fluoride is toxic? It is a toxin, and toxic. It is a poisonous, corrosive chemical. It is a halide. It is in the same group as chloride, bromide, and iodide. This happy family creates inflammation, swelling, and rigidity, leading to a breakdown of the arterial system, among others.

In larger doses, sodium fluoride causes noticeable damage, fluorosis of the teeth, whereby the teeth become mottled-white, and porous. When fluorosis affects the bones, making them porous, brittle, and inflexible, they call it not Osteofluorosis, but Osteoporosis. Porous Bone Disease. Hmmm.

The pineal gland, the seat of consciousness, is also affected, as the body deposits toxic sodium fluoride there. This special gland, populated with a unique array of calcite crystals, including a transceiver function, has a single companion organ in the body, the inner ear. But soon the pineal gland is choked with fluoride, interrupting melatonin supply, necessary for operation of the biological clock and it further dulls volition.

English: Pineal gland. Images are from Anatomo...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

More insulting yet, fluoridated water is used in many soft-drinks and processed foods, with the crown jewel of injury; it is added to bottled water for infants, who have a minimal blood-brain barrier in place; therefore the harm is more profound.

A tube of toothpaste contains fluoride enough to kill two toddlers. It is also a key ingredient in rat poison. Do we ignore the warning labels in our devotion to the authorities’ advice?

Water is Great!Ingested fluoride inflames the circulatory system, weakens the teeth and bones, destroys  proper sleep patterns, helps aluminum breach the blood-brain barrier, and creates a highly suggestible person. He may be functionally smart, but his ability to think for himself is reduced.

For instance, he may readily believe that poison can be beneficial.

If you are fluoridating your babies, I beg you to stop. I contend that a slew of behavioral and health issues exist because of our blind trust in officials.

And when in doubt, follow the advice of  ‘Deep Throat’:

Follow the money.”


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