The Child’s Halide Nightmare- Chlorine

Clean drinking water is vital

(Photo credit: Joost Nelissen)

Clean, safe water is imperative. In emergency contexts, it may be preferable to chlorinate water short-term than to risk deathly illness.

However, in America today, a great deal of the water supply is chlorinated. Chlorine is a gas, and introduced into the water, it combines to form by-products which are corrosive and deadly to the human body.

Damage to the body is usually covert.  Chlorine gas was a tool of war, and often fatal, or left men horribly maimed. In lower doses we experience daily by drinking water containing about 100 units of chlorine per 1,000,000,000, the result is overall malaise, and it has been linked to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.


Chlorine (Photo credit:

Chlorine ingestion is common, but a more serious form of poisoning occurs by showering or swimming in chlorinated water. Chlorine gasses out easily, and inhaling it is a more effective means for acute self-poisoning.

Have you ever felt nauseous after a long, hot shower? Sleepy, and lethargic? Asthmatic? Don’t forget, children are more easily poisoned, and minimal exposure even causes inexplicable anxiety.

But chlorine poisoning is usually slow death by a million hidden scratches. Did I mention that it combines with organic matter to create acids, acids which are corrosive? It will eat right through steel; why don’t we see the danger to our bodies? The effects of chlorine on the cells of all mucous membranes are severe. This includes the eyes, lungs, throat, stomach, and intestinal tract, among others.


Peripheral-Artery-Disease (Photo credit: Adams999)

And what about the arterial system? Tri-Halo-Methanes course throughout the body, reaching every cell, and making contact with every inch of one’s arteries and veins. THMs are corrosive, causing cellular break-down, leakage of cellular serums, bleeding, swelling, rigidity, inflexibility, and scarring, followed by ten-thousand cycles more.

While cancer has been linked repeatedly to chlorine poisoning, the silent killer which I hope to expose is arterial disease. It is my contention that arteriosclerosis, adult-onset diabetes, narrowing of the arteries, and heart disease in general are more often the result of chlorine poisoning than anything else.

Asthma in America

Asthma in America (Photo credit: GDS Infographics)

Is your child often anxious, confused, lethargic, or asthmatic? Does he suffer from some mysterious chronic respiratory illness? Is he prone to bouts of pneumonia, or frequent maladies?

Perhaps what the fluoride started, the chlorine will finish. Add to this the brominated products you likely feed your little one, and this trio of toxic corrosives is nearly enough to finish him off.

Before we focus upon behavioral issues in children stemming from choice, wouldn’t it be wise to ascertain whether or not our little ones are suffering from acute toxicity?

I remember parents who spanked their little boy for not listening to them, only to find out he was nearly deaf. Do we sometimes diagnose our children with ADD or what-have-you, when they are actually struggling to survive multiple poisonings?

Let our creed be as Hippocrates’:


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