Throw the Apple at the Doctor

English: Camponotus sp. ant, roughly 9mm long,...

I recall a ‘medical’ practice among an indigenous group in the Amazon. When plagued by severe migraines, they commonly captured large ants, and induced them to sting the sufferer on the temples. There is scientific defense for this, since endorphins are released, quieting the headache.

The common practice in America today follows a less scientific approach in treating disease; it treats disease. American medicine typically proposes to treat only the effects, or to damage the sickness more than the patient.

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Listen carefully to most medical propaganda, otherwise called advertizing. It tells us directly it’s designed to treat symptoms, which aren’t the cause, but the effect. The cause of sickness is always a lack of vitality and health. Allow one’s level of health to decline, and Disease, the opportunist, comes for a visit, and always overstays his welcome. But I shall resort to Hippocrates once more:

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

My precious

My precious (Photo credit: Sam Figueroa)

Clean water, pure air, nutritious food, and serenity are the key components to healthiness; the primary causes of vitality. But we are indoctrinated; we believe diseases are the cause, not the effect, therefore we attack the disease, ignoring health. So, toxic chemicals, radioactivity, and drugs treat disease, while restoring health is ignored.

And I might add, disease is given very good treatment. We coddle it, we embrace it, we affectionately own it, saying, “My diabetes, my chronic fatigue, my COPD, etc.” “My precious….”

Sick Child

Sick Child (Photo credit: justus.thane)

Cancer is an opportunist, taking advantage of an unhealthy body. Rather than nourishing the body, doctors promote cutting, chemical infusions, and radioactive bombardment of the cells. If the poisoning destroys the cancer faster than it destroys the body, it’s considered a successful treatment. Never mind the disastrous effects upon the body. One cannot cure cancer, it’s forever cancer. One can, however, cure a lack of health through nutrition, and the body heals itself, according to design.

Obesity Campaign Poster

Obesity Campaign Poster (Photo credit: Pressbound)

Hardening and narrowing of the arteries is a condition effected by loss of vitality in the arterial system, leading to inflammation, swelling, and scarring, generally the result of ingesting or inhaling toxins. Refer to my articles on fluoride, and chlorine. Rather than reducing exposure to toxins, nourishing, and supporting the body’s healing, doctors promote blood-pressure drugs and statins, proposing to change the blood’s properties, eliminating natural cholesterol, and reducing platelet counts. In effect, they choose to thin the blood, destroying the immune system, rather than heal the arteries. One cannot cure arteriosclerosis, or high cholesterol, since the first is an effect, and the second is perfectly normal. One can, however, cure the arterial inflammation by removing toxins, and nourishing the body.

does-xanax-cause-weight-gain ?

does-xanax-cause-weight-gain ? (Photo credit: Life Mental Health)

Being overweight is the effect of over-eating perhaps, but over-eating is an effect more often than is suspected. When the body is malnourished, sleep-deprived, under-active, and addicted to various substances, these are all effects; they are symptoms. Symptoms of what? Of a lack of health and vitality. Rather than seeing to the body’s rest, nourishment, and protection from toxins and drugs, doctors promote stomach bands, weight-loss techniques, and drugs. One cannot cure obesity, for it is an effect. One can, however, nourish the body, and voila! the weight-issue is resolved. Malnourishment creates an insatiable hunger. This is one of the main reasons, I contend, that we over-eat.

Toxic Bodies: Hormone Disruptors and the Legac...

Toxic Bodies (Photo credit: DES Daughter)

As parents, it’s our responsibility to differentiate between primary causes, and secondary effects. Just as we are taught in the medical arena to treat effects and ignore the causes, we may also find in raising our children, that we ignore the cause of conditions, and focus upon masking the effects. Let’s take a lesson from Ralph Waldo Emerson:

Shallow men believe in luck or in circumstance. Strong men believe in cause and effect.”

About Stephen

I love diversity, and the opportunity to learn from everyone everywhere. My life has been one long adventure, from the jungle of Indonesia to the Amazon, and a few places in between. Multilingual and cultural, I adapt and find comfort in even the roughest spots, meeting challenges with relish.
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6 Responses to Throw the Apple at the Doctor

  1. Teresa says:

    Yes, good stuff. I and my daughter have been reading a lot about this. Both Merrill and I are finding as we get older things are starting to break down in our bodies.. and our life style and location have not been too conducive to health. So we are trying to make some changes in this regard. Of course there is a LOT to be said also about how much stress coupled with inability to trust and thank God in every circumstance that can be at the root of this as well!

    • Stephen says:

      Thank you Teresa for commenting. You are invited to request I write on a certain topic if you please.

      I see you touched on the element of ‘serenity’ which is an important element of health.

      Very good points.

  2. Dan says:

    Your article reminds me of the “law” in California that all children will be “offered” Guardasil (sp?) for HPVA, including boys, without parent’s knowledge or consent, in the public schools. When I ran across a Merck add in County Living Magazine promoting Guardasil (their product) to be given to young boys, I shared with my wife my disgust with corporate medicine. She, a medical receptionist shared how the doctors are all on board promoting and administering the poison to our offsprings. Of course, the white lab coat knows best!

    • Stephen says:

      Thank You Salvagio for sharing. It is truly shocking the lengths to which the medical establishment is willing to go, but even more shocking how much we are willing to accept.

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