Undercover Hero

A mother holds her delicate, new-born baby, and imagines him to be as helpless, through and through, as he appears outwardly. Tiny fingers balled into perpetual little fists, eyes a hazy blue, legs crossed as though ready for yoga, and skin that is fine, smooth, and soft…

Daddy rocks baby after he is fed, and sees a helpless little creature, fearing nothing because he knows not how violent the world is. Baby sleeps peacefully, sucking the ball of his thumb, with lips translucent. He is the very picture of dependency, a newcomer to life’s scene, unaware, and in need of nurture and protection.

Let’s not be fooled by the body housing him. It may be limited, but it is the only boundary he really has to deal with, because otherwise he is:

Transcendent Spirit with eternal purpose and limitless potential,

Infinite Mind designed for profound understanding and creativity, and

Wise Soul expressing emotion pure and caring.

But we may ignorantly set limits for this amazing creation. We may insist upon imposing our perceived reality upon the beautiful child.

According to Torah, Jehovah created man in his own image. Man was to bear the image of his Creator and express the glory of the Divine, a most high calling.

But Adam betrayed Jehovah’s trust, and the Glory was extinguished. However, Jehovah redeemed Adam, reigniting the Light of God in him. Yet, the Glory would now be veiled to the extent mankind was ignorant of his true origin.

And so, we find the Sacred Scriptures to state, “Adam begat a son in his own likeness; after his image…” Adam passed on to Seth his own image. Seth would still bear the indelible mark of Jehovah’s character, yet it was now hidden away, until Seth chose to express it, recognizing his true heritage.

Our children must choose. They may choose to be self-absorbed, self-promoting, and fundamentally selfish. Or they may choose to be awesome expressions of the Divine Nature among men, blessing, and not cursing, nurturing, and never denying love to their brethren.

If we treat our children as foolish intruders, we teach them to be base. If we honor them for the great mission they are here to accomplish, we encourage them toward true success.

Dwell upon the flaws and shortcomings of your child, point them out, and try to fix or improve him, and the results will be average to poor. He will likely choose the way of the animal, striving to be more by dominance and force, competing, conquering, and taking possession.

See the lovely creature he is designed to be, admire him, praise him, love him, and hold him in high, respectful regard. Behold him, designed for greatness, and he will probably choose to fulfill his mission to bless mankind, humble, gentle, giving, forgiving, restoring, and supporting.

And let us remember our predictions come true, not because it was to be, but because we chose action and inaction to prove what we thought would be so. Let us be cautious in foretelling our children’s future, for if they believe us, they will certainly find evidence to support our claim.

Our lives are self-fulfilling prophecies.

Let them be excellent ones then.

About Stephen

I love diversity, and the opportunity to learn from everyone everywhere. My life has been one long adventure, from the jungle of Indonesia to the Amazon, and a few places in between. Multilingual and cultural, I adapt and find comfort in even the roughest spots, meeting challenges with relish.
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