Baby Colt 3

Baby Colt 3 (Photo credit: xopherlance)

A baby is usually born with amazing physical resources, the mother’s body having sacrificed her own reserves to launch baby on the best footing possible. If she eats well, limiting her intake of toxins during pregnancy, baby will probably start out strong. If mama also nourishes herself well, and breastfeeds baby for the first two years, baby’s immune system, nervous system, brain, bones, connective tissue, and muscle will develop properly.

But many mothers today are ignorant of what constitutes normal nutrition, both for themselves, and for their young ones. And breastfeeding is often considered too inconvenient. Perhaps mother’s career is calling, or she feels it’s simply an alternative to well-accepted baby formula.

Baby Formula under 24 hour video surveillance

(Photo credit: Roebot)

Mothers are often chronically dehydrated and malnourished. In addition, many are ignorant of good-old-fashioned common sense. But what we are, we pass on to our children.

Does mother believe in crash diets? Does she believe in treatment of symptoms rather than healing the cause? Does she deprive herself physically? Does she binge on fats, sugars, alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, or doctor-prescribed medications? Is she dehydrated? Overweight? Suffering from malnutrition? Then beware; she passes it to her children, en utero, and throughout childhood.

Children may appear normal, healthy, even vibrant; but this may be due to the resources with which they started; and they may be exhausted early on. A child learns what he lives. He may be deep into adulthood before he begins to question his worldview of health, and the causes behind the effects evidenced in himself, perhaps too late to pass on to his children the wisdom of the ages. Worse yet, he may choose to remain ignorant, rather than face the truth, upsetting his ‘reality.’

Peter Pan-ette

(Photo credit: KitAy)

Healthy, normal children are usually raised by healthy, normal parents. Ailing children, or children who are soon-to-be unhealthy adults are usually raised by unhealthy, ignorant parents. And throwing non-organic, synthetic vitamins around the household is a futile venture. As is drugging the family up with toxins and poisons promoted by the medical establishment.

Without going into detail, I wish to identify a few common forms of self-deprivation.

1. Chronic Dehydration. This means a loss of water, and failure to restore the shortfall.

Overweight family

(Photo credit: Fhardseen)

2. Chronic Malnutrition. This means starvation, and failure to remedy the lack.

3. Chronic shock. This means continual abuse of the body’s systems.

4. Chronic Toxicity. This means poisoning which is on-going.

5. Chronic Sleep-Deprivation. This means a lack of sleep as a life-style.

My next five articles will provide a brief education on the cause, the effect, and the remedy for each of these points.


(Photo credit: lifebeginsat50mm)

It is my experience that parents are not really empowered to train their children on a higher plane, until they have resolved the fundamentals surrounding their child’s physical state.

As the mind; so the body.


As the body; so the mind.

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  1. m says:

    My belief is simple which means it is uncomplicated. God designed regular food and water to provide what a human needs. He can do well on it. Therefore he should simplify. However, often there is not enough available to modern man. What then? God has so designed the body as to make up for lacks substituting the less preferable when needed. The body can modify what it takes in to a degree.

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