Chronic Dehydration

Clean drinking water from rainwater harvesting...

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Perhaps water, with fluoride, chlorine, and other by-products of the water recycling program, is not the slightly sweet, nearly tasteless, invigorating beverage it would otherwise be.

Regardless, with water comprising about 60% of an adult’s body weight, and a whopping 78% in babies, water is a critical component of life, and a minor drop can be life-threatening in small children, or at least compromise their health.

Water plays a huge role in the circulatory system, lymphatic system, brain, and lungs. It is part of the team for transporting nutrients to the far reaches of the human body, and for eliminating toxins, by-products, and waste. So, a dehydrated body is toxic, and a sluggish lymphatic system leads to a break-down in the body’s immune defenses.

What is NOT water? Coffee is not water. Tea is not water. Flavored water is not water. Fruit juice is not water. Milk is not water. Soft drinks are not water. Beer is not water. Wine is not water. Tequila is not water. Baby formula is not water. Kiddie punch in fancy pouches is not water.

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Water is water. While it is true the beverages listed above contain water, they usually have a diuretic value, meaning they promote the excretion of water at a rate which exceeds the water they contain. Additionally, most of them contain other elements which are not helpful. Sugar, caffeine, sugar, coloring, saccharin or other sweeteners, sugar, plant hormones, and alcohol. Did I forget to mention sugar?

The only drink of choice for newborns which supplies the majority of water young babies need is mama’s breast milk. Formulas are inferior, whether based on cow milk, or soy products. They contain a lot more protein than is suitable for baby, and a lot less of other things. There is no superior means to nourishing a baby than breastfeeding.

But when the artificial way is chosen, it sets the stage for other abnormal behaviors, especially chronic dehydration. I have met people who admit to having drunk no pure water in months, and even years.

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One of the most common maladies suffered by the chronically dehydrated is arthritis. Simply put, uric acid, left without any means of being excreted from a dehydrated body, builds to the point where toxicity threatens the person’s immediate well-being. Therefore, the body does the next best thing- it deposits the uric acid in the form of crystals where possible, particularly in the synovial fluid around the joint. Once the build-up is sufficient, joint pain is experienced, and immobility follows, perhaps with multiple rounds of cortisone injections and other drugs.

Sad to say, millions suffer from arthritis needlessly, and treat the symptoms only, followed ultimately by permanent damage to the joints. Neck, back, shoulder, finger, hip, knee, and foot pain, more often than not, are due to a dense population of sharp little crystals grinding away on the cartilage, the effect of DEHYDRATION.

Dehydration is the cause. Uric acid deposited as crystals is the effect. Pain is the symptom. And what might be the remedy? Drink water. That’s all, just drink water.

English: Muitiple kidney stones composed of ur...

Muitiple kidney stones(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Would you like to ramp it up a little? Then drink distilled water. Water is the most powerful solvent known to man. But most water contains minerals, and its capacity to absorb minerals into solution is limited. Distilled water is mineral-less, and able to absorb deposits with greater efficiency, and that is why it is more effective.

One client had severe arthritis presenting in her fingers. Once she began drinking distilled water, the pain and swelling were gone in ten days. Her sister, now willing to listen, had been wheel-chair bound for several years, suffering from a mysteriously debilitating form of ‘arthritis.’ Within three weeks she was out of the wheel chair.

A friend is a craftsman, but the pain in his hands was so bad he couldn’t hold his tools. In desperation, he went to the extreme length of drinking 6-8 glasses of distilled water a day. I know, this sort of wild abandon and irresponsibility is shocking. Nonetheless, he persisted, and one month later he was pain-free, and knots shrinking and gone, and he realized to his surprise that the chronic pain in his knees and ankles was gone too!

Some will tell you that distilled water will deplete your electrolytic levels and hurt you. It is what I call an “Old Doctor’s Tale.” Remember, follow the money.

Breast feed your babies, give yourself and your children pure water to drink, and enjoy a level of health and vibrancy for which others go to the doctor and pay big money, and stay sick anyway.

The answer is out there somewhere.

Right under our noses.


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