Chronic Malnutrition

The term "natural" is applied to man...

The term “natural” is applied to many foods, but does not have a consistent meaning. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In our modern America, few know the source of food we eat. There is a spectrum of nutritional values in the foods we purchase, from beneficial to nearly zero. Vegetables grown and prepared locally have a greater supply of vitamins and minerals than those picked green, shipped great distances, gassed for color, chemically washed, and UV decontaminated. We should wonder what value is left once it reaches our table.

The quality of meats, poultry, eggs, and other sources of animal-type proteins vary also, based upon the feeds offered, hormones and drugs administered, and environments. Add in the processing program, aging, plumping with water, freezing, and thawing, and nutritional values have plummeted.

Project 365 Day 10: Bananas

(Photo credit: Peter aka anemoneprojectors)

Organically grown vegetables and naturally produced animal products from local sources should be our first choice. Natural foods, unprocessed, UN-irradiated, and chemically untreated should be the foods that nourish our families.

Let’s look at vegetables and fruits. Though unripe produce still has some benefit, allowed to fully ripen, the fresh, natural version is richer, and more enticing. The nutrient array is better developed, and we enjoy it more.

Fresh produce usually has an outer skin, inner pulp or vegetable material, and seeds somewhere in there. We tend to focus upon the pulp, or inner vegetable, while discarding skin and seeds. But a large portion of an apple’s benefit is found in the skin and seeds.

358-366 Apple Skin Spiral

(Photo credit: cheesy42)

There is a symbiosis in vegetables and fruits, between the outer, the inner, and the seeds. Together they form a complete package of nutrition. The skin and seeds contain ‘micro-nutrients’ which are essential to absorption of the nutrients in the pulp. Skip them, and one deprives himself.

Heat indiscriminately applied destroys many nutrients found in fresh, organic produce. It is best to eat fruits and vegetables raw. Better yet, juice raw produce to create delectable smoothies or tonics. 4-6 ounces of freshness later, our bodies may have received a dose of goodness exceeding our yearly vitamin intake under the old practices.

Roasted Bone Marrow

Roasted Bone Marrow (Photo credit: Renée S. Suen)

Some meats, poultry, and fish are high protein, low fat, easily digested, and readily assimilable. Others are more burdensome to the body than the energy derived from them. Stick to organically produced poultry and naturally harvested fish. Cook lightly, as necessary, and serve.

One area of neglect in today’s world is the natural consumption of the organ meats, which can be highly beneficial, as well as the bones, marrow, and cartilage. In the old days, soups were prepared using organ meats, and beef, pork, and chicken bones. The organic minerals in the bones leached into the broth, and young and old alike benefited greatly.

Egg Egg Egg Egg

(Photo credit: boughtbooks)

I am reserving a paragraph for the amazing egg alone. The nutritional value of a healthy egg is amazing. In terms of protein, fat, vitamins, and minerals, 12-15 raw or lightly cooked eggs daily can supply a grown man with vitality and strength! Many fear raw eggs, but the possibility of salmonella exists in one egg in 40,000. We do many far riskier things, like taking drugs the doctor prescribed. But ignorance is bliss.

Cholesterol, in relation to eggs, is a non-issue. Cholesterol is the Lucrative Lie. I will give a full treatment of the Cholesterol Hoax another time. For now, there is no such thing as too much cholesterol, or bad cholesterol, so forget about those concerns. I hear strong objections, but I quietly point at the statin drug industry. Doctors are good people, and merely good trainees in the pharmaceutical program. They know little else.

Eat real food. Eat fresh. Eat raw. Eat natural, organic produce and products. Prepare it yourself, sip more bone broths, eat more eggs, and juice often. This, coupled with drinking pure water is the means to good health. Drugs and medications will more likely kill you.


Juice (Photo credit: hepp)

Fast food is rarely real, fresh, raw, natural, or organic. Advertized vitamins are rarely real, fresh, raw, natural, or organic. Processed fruit, fruit strips, and fruit juices are rarely real, fresh, raw, natural, or organic. Boxed cereals are rarely real, fresh, raw, natural, or organic. TV dinners, frozen, breaded chicken strips, or fish sticks are rarely real, fresh, raw, natural, or organic. Nearly anything which we do not buy fresh, and prepare appropriately ourselves in our homes is artificial, stagnant, processed, unnatural, and synthetic.

Chicken Nuggets

Do you have a picky eater? Don’t mind malnourished, agitated children? Feed them chicken nuggets. (Photo credit: JaBB)

Fast’n’easy shouldn’t mean feeding the kids at King Burger or out of a box. There is the original Fast and Easy, and it means simple preparation of simple, good food.

‘But my kids won’t eat it!’

Give him no alternative, and your child will realign himself inside a week. The hard part comes when we adults choose between our personal health and convenient propaganda. We can easily get access to our favorite indulgences.

Simplify. Nourish. Get old-fashioned. Eat real food.

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