384056_202035216549839_796171400_nStephen Bove spent his teen years overseas with his missionary parents in a  remote corner of the island of Borneo in Indonesia. As a young adult, he moved back to the United States for a short period of time before pursuing the opportunity of traveling to  the jungles of Venezuela as a missionary.

In addition to speaking Indonesian and Punan (the tribal language he grew up around), he became fluent in Spanish as  well as the tribal language of the Joti people where he spent the next 20 years developing an alphabet, organizing literacy courses  and eventually completing the translation of several books of the Bible.

He has  four grown children for whom he was often both father and mother over the years. The concepts, ideas and advice presented in this blog stem almost entirely from his personal experiences,  an understanding of the human psyche and a continuing interest in the way individuals process life and react to situations.

If you would like to contact him directly, please feel free to use the box  below.

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