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The Law versus Reason

What is better? For a child to learn to follow rules, policies and regulations; or to choose the way of reason and wisdom? Young children often lack the experience to make proper choices in their lives. Wisdom is not so … Continue reading

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Now Hear This

I was recently approached by a long-time family friend, and former nurse, who mentioned a recent conversation with a friend of hers who teaches at a preschool. It seems that her observation of the children today is they are not … Continue reading

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Chronic Shock

Shock is a reactionary, emergency state. Shock is the result of trauma, such as physical injury, poisoning, or severe shifts in the body’s PH balance, blood sugar levels, or electrolytic balance. There are other imbalances as well, which the body … Continue reading

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A baby is usually born with amazing physical resources, the mother’s body having sacrificed her own reserves to launch baby on the best footing possible. If she eats well, limiting her intake of toxins during pregnancy, baby will probably start … Continue reading

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The Heart Speaks

The thoughts of the heart are not always expressed in words. People veil what they are thinking. The tongue, essential for speech, expresses silently the intent of the mind. Universally, the tongue reveals one’s attitude toward others by posing, attacking, … Continue reading

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Child Molding

To pick up where we left off… Dogs associate their state of being with the command. The human discriminates between cause and effect…and to him they usually matter. However, this acuity of perception can be overridden by a training technique … Continue reading

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Mother Be True

The world over, children honor mothers. For many, mama loved eternally. She was constant, nurturing, spending unknown reserves, nursing baby while starving. She gave life; she resolved to preserve it at all costs. Some praise mom for the idea she … Continue reading

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Logical Progressions

Every human has his story, the outline in his DNA, with unique potential. His parents may write the prologue; he crafts his story also. He looks to confirm his chosen story-line in life’s events. He may delight in calamity, conveniently … Continue reading

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