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Undercover Hero

A mother holds her delicate, new-born baby, and imagines him to be as helpless, through and through, as he appears outwardly. Tiny fingers balled into perpetual little fists, eyes a hazy blue, legs crossed as though ready for yoga, and … Continue reading

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Mother Be True

The world over, children honor mothers. For many, mama loved eternally. She was constant, nurturing, spending unknown reserves, nursing baby while starving. She gave life; she resolved to preserve it at all costs. Some praise mom for the idea she … Continue reading

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Fool’s Gold

Insecurity is a fraud. He masquerades as bravado, or the victim, or as self-deprecating. His faces manipulate others to validate him. “Tell me I’m who I want to be.” Mark wishes to be admirable. Financial success will make him so. … Continue reading

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