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Undercover Hero

A mother holds her delicate, new-born baby, and imagines him to be as helpless, through and through, as he appears outwardly. Tiny fingers balled into perpetual little fists, eyes a hazy blue, legs crossed as though ready for yoga, and … Continue reading

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Guide to Men for Women Who Can’t Tell Us Apart

Originally posted on On Thick Ice – The Spurious Imaginings of Reality:
It is so common to overhear a woman say “why can’t I meet a nice guy?” while she is pretending I don’t exist.  I felt it was about…

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Child Molding

To pick up where we left off… Dogs associate their state of being with the command. The human discriminates between cause and effect…and to him they usually matter. However, this acuity of perception can be overridden by a training technique … Continue reading

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