Chronic Dehydration

Clean drinking water from rainwater harvesting...

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Perhaps water, with fluoride, chlorine, and other by-products of the water recycling program, is not the slightly sweet, nearly tasteless, invigorating beverage it would otherwise be.

Regardless, with water comprising about 60% of an adult’s body weight, and a whopping 78% in babies, water is a critical component of life, and a minor drop can be life-threatening in small children, or at least compromise their health.

Water plays a huge role in the circulatory system, lymphatic system, brain, and lungs. It is part of the team for transporting nutrients to the far reaches of the human body, and for eliminating toxins, by-products, and waste. So, a dehydrated body is toxic, and a sluggish lymphatic system leads to a break-down in the body’s immune defenses.

What is NOT water? Coffee is not water. Tea is not water. Flavored water is not water. Fruit juice is not water. Milk is not water. Soft drinks are not water. Beer is not water. Wine is not water. Tequila is not water. Baby formula is not water. Kiddie punch in fancy pouches is not water.

Popular Coffee Drink in Tenerife Espresso + Co...

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Water is water. While it is true the beverages listed above contain water, they usually have a diuretic value, meaning they promote the excretion of water at a rate which exceeds the water they contain. Additionally, most of them contain other elements which are not helpful. Sugar, caffeine, sugar, coloring, saccharin or other sweeteners, sugar, plant hormones, and alcohol. Did I forget to mention sugar?

The only drink of choice for newborns which supplies the majority of water young babies need is mama’s breast milk. Formulas are inferior, whether based on cow milk, or soy products. They contain a lot more protein than is suitable for baby, and a lot less of other things. There is no superior means to nourishing a baby than breastfeeding.

But when the artificial way is chosen, it sets the stage for other abnormal behaviors, especially chronic dehydration. I have met people who admit to having drunk no pure water in months, and even years.

English: http://rheumatoidarthritis-symptoms.c...

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One of the most common maladies suffered by the chronically dehydrated is arthritis. Simply put, uric acid, left without any means of being excreted from a dehydrated body, builds to the point where toxicity threatens the person’s immediate well-being. Therefore, the body does the next best thing- it deposits the uric acid in the form of crystals where possible, particularly in the synovial fluid around the joint. Once the build-up is sufficient, joint pain is experienced, and immobility follows, perhaps with multiple rounds of cortisone injections and other drugs.

Sad to say, millions suffer from arthritis needlessly, and treat the symptoms only, followed ultimately by permanent damage to the joints. Neck, back, shoulder, finger, hip, knee, and foot pain, more often than not, are due to a dense population of sharp little crystals grinding away on the cartilage, the effect of DEHYDRATION.

Dehydration is the cause. Uric acid deposited as crystals is the effect. Pain is the symptom. And what might be the remedy? Drink water. That’s all, just drink water.

English: Muitiple kidney stones composed of ur...

Muitiple kidney stones(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Would you like to ramp it up a little? Then drink distilled water. Water is the most powerful solvent known to man. But most water contains minerals, and its capacity to absorb minerals into solution is limited. Distilled water is mineral-less, and able to absorb deposits with greater efficiency, and that is why it is more effective.

One client had severe arthritis presenting in her fingers. Once she began drinking distilled water, the pain and swelling were gone in ten days. Her sister, now willing to listen, had been wheel-chair bound for several years, suffering from a mysteriously debilitating form of ‘arthritis.’ Within three weeks she was out of the wheel chair.

A friend is a craftsman, but the pain in his hands was so bad he couldn’t hold his tools. In desperation, he went to the extreme length of drinking 6-8 glasses of distilled water a day. I know, this sort of wild abandon and irresponsibility is shocking. Nonetheless, he persisted, and one month later he was pain-free, and knots shrinking and gone, and he realized to his surprise that the chronic pain in his knees and ankles was gone too!

Some will tell you that distilled water will deplete your electrolytic levels and hurt you. It is what I call an “Old Doctor’s Tale.” Remember, follow the money.

Breast feed your babies, give yourself and your children pure water to drink, and enjoy a level of health and vibrancy for which others go to the doctor and pay big money, and stay sick anyway.

The answer is out there somewhere.

Right under our noses.

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Baby Colt 3

Baby Colt 3 (Photo credit: xopherlance)

A baby is usually born with amazing physical resources, the mother’s body having sacrificed her own reserves to launch baby on the best footing possible. If she eats well, limiting her intake of toxins during pregnancy, baby will probably start out strong. If mama also nourishes herself well, and breastfeeds baby for the first two years, baby’s immune system, nervous system, brain, bones, connective tissue, and muscle will develop properly.

But many mothers today are ignorant of what constitutes normal nutrition, both for themselves, and for their young ones. And breastfeeding is often considered too inconvenient. Perhaps mother’s career is calling, or she feels it’s simply an alternative to well-accepted baby formula.

Baby Formula under 24 hour video surveillance

(Photo credit: Roebot)

Mothers are often chronically dehydrated and malnourished. In addition, many are ignorant of good-old-fashioned common sense. But what we are, we pass on to our children.

Does mother believe in crash diets? Does she believe in treatment of symptoms rather than healing the cause? Does she deprive herself physically? Does she binge on fats, sugars, alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, or doctor-prescribed medications? Is she dehydrated? Overweight? Suffering from malnutrition? Then beware; she passes it to her children, en utero, and throughout childhood.

Children may appear normal, healthy, even vibrant; but this may be due to the resources with which they started; and they may be exhausted early on. A child learns what he lives. He may be deep into adulthood before he begins to question his worldview of health, and the causes behind the effects evidenced in himself, perhaps too late to pass on to his children the wisdom of the ages. Worse yet, he may choose to remain ignorant, rather than face the truth, upsetting his ‘reality.’

Peter Pan-ette

(Photo credit: KitAy)

Healthy, normal children are usually raised by healthy, normal parents. Ailing children, or children who are soon-to-be unhealthy adults are usually raised by unhealthy, ignorant parents. And throwing non-organic, synthetic vitamins around the household is a futile venture. As is drugging the family up with toxins and poisons promoted by the medical establishment.

Without going into detail, I wish to identify a few common forms of self-deprivation.

1. Chronic Dehydration. This means a loss of water, and failure to restore the shortfall.

Overweight family

(Photo credit: Fhardseen)

2. Chronic Malnutrition. This means starvation, and failure to remedy the lack.

3. Chronic shock. This means continual abuse of the body’s systems.

4. Chronic Toxicity. This means poisoning which is on-going.

5. Chronic Sleep-Deprivation. This means a lack of sleep as a life-style.

My next five articles will provide a brief education on the cause, the effect, and the remedy for each of these points.


(Photo credit: lifebeginsat50mm)

It is my experience that parents are not really empowered to train their children on a higher plane, until they have resolved the fundamentals surrounding their child’s physical state.

As the mind; so the body.


As the body; so the mind.

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Undercover Hero

A mother holds her delicate, new-born baby, and imagines him to be as helpless, through and through, as he appears outwardly. Tiny fingers balled into perpetual little fists, eyes a hazy blue, legs crossed as though ready for yoga, and skin that is fine, smooth, and soft…

Daddy rocks baby after he is fed, and sees a helpless little creature, fearing nothing because he knows not how violent the world is. Baby sleeps peacefully, sucking the ball of his thumb, with lips translucent. He is the very picture of dependency, a newcomer to life’s scene, unaware, and in need of nurture and protection.

Let’s not be fooled by the body housing him. It may be limited, but it is the only boundary he really has to deal with, because otherwise he is:

Transcendent Spirit with eternal purpose and limitless potential,

Infinite Mind designed for profound understanding and creativity, and

Wise Soul expressing emotion pure and caring.

But we may ignorantly set limits for this amazing creation. We may insist upon imposing our perceived reality upon the beautiful child.

According to Torah, Jehovah created man in his own image. Man was to bear the image of his Creator and express the glory of the Divine, a most high calling.

But Adam betrayed Jehovah’s trust, and the Glory was extinguished. However, Jehovah redeemed Adam, reigniting the Light of God in him. Yet, the Glory would now be veiled to the extent mankind was ignorant of his true origin.

And so, we find the Sacred Scriptures to state, “Adam begat a son in his own likeness; after his image…” Adam passed on to Seth his own image. Seth would still bear the indelible mark of Jehovah’s character, yet it was now hidden away, until Seth chose to express it, recognizing his true heritage.

Our children must choose. They may choose to be self-absorbed, self-promoting, and fundamentally selfish. Or they may choose to be awesome expressions of the Divine Nature among men, blessing, and not cursing, nurturing, and never denying love to their brethren.

If we treat our children as foolish intruders, we teach them to be base. If we honor them for the great mission they are here to accomplish, we encourage them toward true success.

Dwell upon the flaws and shortcomings of your child, point them out, and try to fix or improve him, and the results will be average to poor. He will likely choose the way of the animal, striving to be more by dominance and force, competing, conquering, and taking possession.

See the lovely creature he is designed to be, admire him, praise him, love him, and hold him in high, respectful regard. Behold him, designed for greatness, and he will probably choose to fulfill his mission to bless mankind, humble, gentle, giving, forgiving, restoring, and supporting.

And let us remember our predictions come true, not because it was to be, but because we chose action and inaction to prove what we thought would be so. Let us be cautious in foretelling our children’s future, for if they believe us, they will certainly find evidence to support our claim.

Our lives are self-fulfilling prophecies.

Let them be excellent ones then.

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Death of a Personality

Little Girl Looking Downstairs at Christmas Party

(Photo credit: cliff1066™)

Once upon a time, there was a very good little girl, raised in a strictly religious home. Rules abounded, since their god had specific laws for people to follow, and big expectations for performance. Her parents had high ideals and promoted good morals. They carefully approved only the very best behavior; the utmost effort by their daughter, and disapproved thoroughly of any tendency to slack off in her duties.

The girl’s personality was serious, she took criticism hard, and suspicion was unbearable. She might have been another Mother Theresa. She determined to behave impeccably in every department. She was a gentle soul, taking everything to heart, merciful, and desperate for mercy, in an environment where survival of the righteous was the guiding principle.

God the Father 16

(Photo credit: Waiting For The Word)

She learned early that god and dad were either the same person, or closely related. To disobey their god was disobedience to dad. Disobeying dad was disobeying their god. Whatever dad wanted, god wanted. Whatever disappointed dad, disappointed god. Dad was a priest of their religion. He reminded his little family constantly that he and god were to be respectfully obeyed. And feared, too. The kitchen table was his pulpit; the family room too, everywhere really. He had a lot of messages from their god, a lot of sermonettes to deliver.

He spoke out loud to their god as well; had regular conversations with him. Nobody else ever heard god reply audibly to father, but father could hear him. Everyone must bow their heads and close their eyes while dad was invoking their god. Dad kept a close watch for infractions. He was allowed to look, because he was different. His prayers had an awful lot of commentary on what god wanted. It was something like this:

Many works are unclear as to the belief of the...“Dear father, we just come before you now, asking you to just bless us and guide us today as we follow your words, and obey you in everything we do. We know you know everything, and see everything we do. We would ask you to help us to just be a good example to everyone around us. We know how much you want us to respect our parents, and our teachers, and just to always do the right thing, so help us do that, for your glory, in your name, Amen.”

Bible Study 1

(Photo credit: DrGBB)

The family knew dad and god were talking about the children and their mother. Dad was basically god, father, and teacher. Dad’s prayers were about doing the right thing and god agreed. Dad and god were one, really. Dad knew all the special words, incantations, and formulas. He was an insider. He and god were real tight. If dad wasn’t watching, god was. If god was busy at the moment, dad took up the slack. They were a good team.

Dad also read their god’s book a lot. He could understand everything. He lead the family in expressing devotion to their god daily. He always read the book to the family and explained what god meant for each to do. It was clear god was nobody to be trifled with. He had rules, and he was watching. Follow the rules, and receive his favor and blessing. Break the rules, and make him disapproving and angry. Then he sent punishment upon the disobedient one; the consequences of rebellion must be felt, perhaps by sending tragedy and death.

Rules, Rules, Rules

Rules, Rules, Rules (Photo credit: liber)

Everyone had to be on high alert. God was watching, assessing, and grading performance. Doing less than one’s very best was a sin, too. God would know, he always knew, and he always told dad. There was no escape.

One day, dad decided his tender little girl had lied to him. She hadn’t; she was telling the truth. She gave the same truthful answer over and over while dad grilled her like a suspect under interrogation. Exhausted, and believing that if dad and god didn’t believe her, then she MUST dutifully admit she lied, she finally lied for the first time, really, and admitted she lied. She was punished severely, something she found more unbearable than death.


(Photo credit: tq2cute)

Her truthfulness was judged to be a lie. Her lie was determined to be the truth, because she agreed with dad and god. At last she formed her own personal guiding principal. She would never again admit to anything. Whether she was guilty or not, or believed she was innocent or not, the simplest approach was best.

Never admit to anything ever.

While this had the effect of protecting her from further emotional water-boarding, it also set in place a system she would follow the rest of her life.

1. Be good always, extremely good, and appear that way to god, and dad, and demand righteousness in others also.

2. Be extremely careful to state the truth perfectly in every detail to god, and dad, and require others to follow the same rule of perfection.

3. Never admit to anything, neither to god, nor dad, nor others.

4. Disapprove thoroughly of any defect in herself, or others, except for god and dad, purge the sin with a vengeance, and distance herself from the law-breaker.

Day 333/365 - Spinster

(Photo credit: Angelina :))

She grew in stature, and physically she became a woman, but on the inside she remained a frightened child, rigid, uncomfortable, and self-conscious, knowing that she must perform not just dutifully, but beautifully for god and dad twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, for the rest of her life. The scrutiny was more than she could bear. Outwardly she was rigid, withdrawn, anonymous, and retiring.

As the years passed, she hid from her dad and god the best she could. She sat all day behind her bed, in the dark, curtains drawn, drowning out her thoughts with crossword puzzles, reading, radio, TV, and crocheting. But god and dad were there. At night when she lay down beside her husband, god and dad were there, watching. When she forced herself out into the light and washed the dishes, god and dad were watching. If she missed a spot on the fork, god and dad saw. They knew. They always knew.

Control Man

(Photo credit: shoutabyss)

She feared and hated god and dad. But she wasn’t going to admit it. She feared and hated her husband, because god and dad were men, and so was her husband. Men were to be feared and hated for the evil dragons they were, and finally vanquished. Men only wanted two things, control, and everybody knew the second. It was just another form of control anyway. Controllers. But she must not bite the hands that kept her alive and fed her.

She was designed awesomely. Her potential was amazing.

Flower photo

(Photo credit: @Doug88888)

Her capacity to bless infinite. But she never developed a personality. She was never given space to bloom. She was stifled, choked, and suffocated. The beautiful flower never graced the world with fragrance, because it was tightly encased, still in the bud, when it was cut off.

She was indeed her father’s daughter. He created a copy of his own image.

Time for a Change

(Photo credit: ihave3kids)

The universe will never recover from her loss.

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Throw the Apple at the Doctor

English: Camponotus sp. ant, roughly 9mm long,...

I recall a ‘medical’ practice among an indigenous group in the Amazon. When plagued by severe migraines, they commonly captured large ants, and induced them to sting the sufferer on the temples. There is scientific defense for this, since endorphins are released, quieting the headache.

The common practice in America today follows a less scientific approach in treating disease; it treats disease. American medicine typically proposes to treat only the effects, or to damage the sickness more than the patient.

Description unavailable

Listen carefully to most medical propaganda, otherwise called advertizing. It tells us directly it’s designed to treat symptoms, which aren’t the cause, but the effect. The cause of sickness is always a lack of vitality and health. Allow one’s level of health to decline, and Disease, the opportunist, comes for a visit, and always overstays his welcome. But I shall resort to Hippocrates once more:

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

My precious

My precious (Photo credit: Sam Figueroa)

Clean water, pure air, nutritious food, and serenity are the key components to healthiness; the primary causes of vitality. But we are indoctrinated; we believe diseases are the cause, not the effect, therefore we attack the disease, ignoring health. So, toxic chemicals, radioactivity, and drugs treat disease, while restoring health is ignored.

And I might add, disease is given very good treatment. We coddle it, we embrace it, we affectionately own it, saying, “My diabetes, my chronic fatigue, my COPD, etc.” “My precious….”

Sick Child

Sick Child (Photo credit: justus.thane)

Cancer is an opportunist, taking advantage of an unhealthy body. Rather than nourishing the body, doctors promote cutting, chemical infusions, and radioactive bombardment of the cells. If the poisoning destroys the cancer faster than it destroys the body, it’s considered a successful treatment. Never mind the disastrous effects upon the body. One cannot cure cancer, it’s forever cancer. One can, however, cure a lack of health through nutrition, and the body heals itself, according to design.

Obesity Campaign Poster

Obesity Campaign Poster (Photo credit: Pressbound)

Hardening and narrowing of the arteries is a condition effected by loss of vitality in the arterial system, leading to inflammation, swelling, and scarring, generally the result of ingesting or inhaling toxins. Refer to my articles on fluoride, and chlorine. Rather than reducing exposure to toxins, nourishing, and supporting the body’s healing, doctors promote blood-pressure drugs and statins, proposing to change the blood’s properties, eliminating natural cholesterol, and reducing platelet counts. In effect, they choose to thin the blood, destroying the immune system, rather than heal the arteries. One cannot cure arteriosclerosis, or high cholesterol, since the first is an effect, and the second is perfectly normal. One can, however, cure the arterial inflammation by removing toxins, and nourishing the body.

does-xanax-cause-weight-gain ?

does-xanax-cause-weight-gain ? (Photo credit: Life Mental Health)

Being overweight is the effect of over-eating perhaps, but over-eating is an effect more often than is suspected. When the body is malnourished, sleep-deprived, under-active, and addicted to various substances, these are all effects; they are symptoms. Symptoms of what? Of a lack of health and vitality. Rather than seeing to the body’s rest, nourishment, and protection from toxins and drugs, doctors promote stomach bands, weight-loss techniques, and drugs. One cannot cure obesity, for it is an effect. One can, however, nourish the body, and voila! the weight-issue is resolved. Malnourishment creates an insatiable hunger. This is one of the main reasons, I contend, that we over-eat.

Toxic Bodies: Hormone Disruptors and the Legac...

Toxic Bodies (Photo credit: DES Daughter)

As parents, it’s our responsibility to differentiate between primary causes, and secondary effects. Just as we are taught in the medical arena to treat effects and ignore the causes, we may also find in raising our children, that we ignore the cause of conditions, and focus upon masking the effects. Let’s take a lesson from Ralph Waldo Emerson:

Shallow men believe in luck or in circumstance. Strong men believe in cause and effect.”

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The Child’s Halide Nightmare- Chlorine

Clean drinking water is vital

(Photo credit: Joost Nelissen)

Clean, safe water is imperative. In emergency contexts, it may be preferable to chlorinate water short-term than to risk deathly illness.

However, in America today, a great deal of the water supply is chlorinated. Chlorine is a gas, and introduced into the water, it combines to form by-products which are corrosive and deadly to the human body.

Damage to the body is usually covert.  Chlorine gas was a tool of war, and often fatal, or left men horribly maimed. In lower doses we experience daily by drinking water containing about 100 units of chlorine per 1,000,000,000, the result is overall malaise, and it has been linked to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.


Chlorine (Photo credit:

Chlorine ingestion is common, but a more serious form of poisoning occurs by showering or swimming in chlorinated water. Chlorine gasses out easily, and inhaling it is a more effective means for acute self-poisoning.

Have you ever felt nauseous after a long, hot shower? Sleepy, and lethargic? Asthmatic? Don’t forget, children are more easily poisoned, and minimal exposure even causes inexplicable anxiety.

But chlorine poisoning is usually slow death by a million hidden scratches. Did I mention that it combines with organic matter to create acids, acids which are corrosive? It will eat right through steel; why don’t we see the danger to our bodies? The effects of chlorine on the cells of all mucous membranes are severe. This includes the eyes, lungs, throat, stomach, and intestinal tract, among others.


Peripheral-Artery-Disease (Photo credit: Adams999)

And what about the arterial system? Tri-Halo-Methanes course throughout the body, reaching every cell, and making contact with every inch of one’s arteries and veins. THMs are corrosive, causing cellular break-down, leakage of cellular serums, bleeding, swelling, rigidity, inflexibility, and scarring, followed by ten-thousand cycles more.

While cancer has been linked repeatedly to chlorine poisoning, the silent killer which I hope to expose is arterial disease. It is my contention that arteriosclerosis, adult-onset diabetes, narrowing of the arteries, and heart disease in general are more often the result of chlorine poisoning than anything else.

Asthma in America

Asthma in America (Photo credit: GDS Infographics)

Is your child often anxious, confused, lethargic, or asthmatic? Does he suffer from some mysterious chronic respiratory illness? Is he prone to bouts of pneumonia, or frequent maladies?

Perhaps what the fluoride started, the chlorine will finish. Add to this the brominated products you likely feed your little one, and this trio of toxic corrosives is nearly enough to finish him off.

Before we focus upon behavioral issues in children stemming from choice, wouldn’t it be wise to ascertain whether or not our little ones are suffering from acute toxicity?

I remember parents who spanked their little boy for not listening to them, only to find out he was nearly deaf. Do we sometimes diagnose our children with ADD or what-have-you, when they are actually struggling to survive multiple poisonings?

Let our creed be as Hippocrates’:


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The Child’s Halide Nightmare- Sodium Fluoride

English: Nicola Tesla. Glass negative. 5 x 7 i...

To be skeptical of ‘well-known fact’ makes one ‘insane.’ Make a prediction many years beforehand and be a loon, make the same prognostication a few years ahead, and be controversial, and do it one year out and be a ground-breaking visionary. But once the prophecy is confirmed, everyone has already known it for years.

We are being poisoned, and we willingly poison our children in ignorance. Tragically, the very thing we do to help may have the opposite effect!

Sodium fluoride is a compound of the halogen family. A toxic by-product of the aluminum and fertilizer industry, and too costly to dispose of properly, it was promoted as a tooth-decay preventative, after which it became an ingredient in toothpastes, mouthwashes, and cavity-prevention tablets.

Tablets of sodium fluoride, used for cavity pr...

Tablets of sodium fluoride, used for cavity prevention. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

IF it was to have any beneficial effect, it was through topical application. The average adult mouth is rated at 400 ‘surfaces,’ and studies show the benefit of topical application of fluoride languishing at 1/4 of 1%, possibly the result of cleaner teeth during the study!

Fluoridated products are sold by white-coated dentists with a faint, toothy lisp, the result of owning a set of highly fluoridated and crisp teeth, so fresh and bright that one is in Nirvana while in the presence of the very handsome, confident professional.

Poisoned water

(Photo credit: vermegrigio)

Did I mention fluoride is toxic? It is a toxin, and toxic. It is a poisonous, corrosive chemical. It is a halide. It is in the same group as chloride, bromide, and iodide. This happy family creates inflammation, swelling, and rigidity, leading to a breakdown of the arterial system, among others.

In larger doses, sodium fluoride causes noticeable damage, fluorosis of the teeth, whereby the teeth become mottled-white, and porous. When fluorosis affects the bones, making them porous, brittle, and inflexible, they call it not Osteofluorosis, but Osteoporosis. Porous Bone Disease. Hmmm.

The pineal gland, the seat of consciousness, is also affected, as the body deposits toxic sodium fluoride there. This special gland, populated with a unique array of calcite crystals, including a transceiver function, has a single companion organ in the body, the inner ear. But soon the pineal gland is choked with fluoride, interrupting melatonin supply, necessary for operation of the biological clock and it further dulls volition.

English: Pineal gland. Images are from Anatomo...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

More insulting yet, fluoridated water is used in many soft-drinks and processed foods, with the crown jewel of injury; it is added to bottled water for infants, who have a minimal blood-brain barrier in place; therefore the harm is more profound.

A tube of toothpaste contains fluoride enough to kill two toddlers. It is also a key ingredient in rat poison. Do we ignore the warning labels in our devotion to the authorities’ advice?

Water is Great!Ingested fluoride inflames the circulatory system, weakens the teeth and bones, destroys  proper sleep patterns, helps aluminum breach the blood-brain barrier, and creates a highly suggestible person. He may be functionally smart, but his ability to think for himself is reduced.

For instance, he may readily believe that poison can be beneficial.

If you are fluoridating your babies, I beg you to stop. I contend that a slew of behavioral and health issues exist because of our blind trust in officials.

And when in doubt, follow the advice of  ‘Deep Throat’:

Follow the money.”

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